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September, 2015
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“Carbon” exhibition as have been featured in Beautiful Bizarre, an art and culture magazine that celebrates creativity and the art world.

“Symmetry is one of an art curator’s greatest tools. Often underutilized, uniformity in shape and size can tie together varying artistic styles into a cohesive exhibition. On September 18th, Sally Centigrade presented ‘Carbon’, the gallery’s first group show featuring 45 artists working with tremendous varying styles and mediums to create their own creative on a 5.5″ x 7″ wood panel diamonds.”
-Beautiful Bizarre

Sally Centigrade presents our first ever group show! Ohhhh, but not just any group show, it’s a wild one: 45 pieces of wood were cut into 5.5” x 7” diamond shapes, and shipped to artists all over the globe to be painted, adorned or even carved before being returned.   The show is named Carbon in reference to the molecular formula of diamonds, and was inspired by the idea of the uniqueness of diamonds despite being compromised of only a single element.

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