Solo Exhibition @ Apaixonarte

December, 2021
Art, Augmented Reality, Exhibition


Falcaolucas daydream 1


Solo exhibition at Apaixonarte gallery.

A journey between reality and dream. The constant crossing of an invisible barrier between reality and the unconscious, in broad daylight.

This exhibition takes us to another dimension, that of dreams, through augmented reality. Keeping our feet on the ground, the exposed pieces are no longer static, but gain life and sound, until they completely absorb the spectator.

The characters guide us through mesmerizing paths. Across the infinite void of a galaxy or a limitless landscape of skyscrapers in futuristic cities. We let ourselves be carried away and enter the paintings, on an endless journey, which we do not want to leave.


collective exhibition @ FOME

fome magazine Our feature at the last printed issue of the Portuguese art magazine FOME. Fome Exhibition

Colective Exhibition @ Apaixonarte

Collective ehxibition called “Coordenadas Líricas” where each artist gets to create an artwork inspired by a poem.
The artwork reflects the creation as a refugee,

Merc’art Exhibition

We were invited to participate on Merc’art2018, along with other 29 amazing artists. The Art Container will be at LX Factory from November 13th to