GIF is for Geeks

September, 2014
Animated GIFs, Exhibition, Featured


FalcaoLucas GIF2014 Love
love - art gif

We are super excited  to announce that our GIF “Lovers” has been selected for the first curated GIF program at FANTOCHE, “GIF is for Geeks”. This is a major accomplishment for us and we are honored to have our work recognized in this way.

FANTOCHE is a well-respected festival for animation and digital art, and to be a part of their first curated GIF program is a great privilege. “GIF is for Geeks” is a celebration of the creativity and artistry that goes into creating high-quality GIFs.

We want to thank the organizers of FANTOCHE and the curators of “GIF is for Geeks” for this opportunity. 

Here’s a small recap of the festival with one of our GIFs, our GIF “Lovers” at the 22:11 mark.


Fantoche Film Festival 2023

Our GIFs “timeFragmentB” has been selected for the curated GIF program at FANTOCHE-International Film Festival. We are super excited to have our work recognized in

collective exhibition @ FOME

fome magazine Our feature at the last printed issue of the Portuguese art magazine FOME. Fome Exhibition

Colective Exhibition @ Apaixonarte

Collective ehxibition called “Coordenadas Líricas” where each artist gets to create an artwork inspired by a poem.
The artwork reflects the creation as a refugee,

Solo Exhibition @ Apaixonarte

Solo exhibition at Apaixonarte gallery.
A journey between reality and dream. The constant crossing of an invisible barrier between reality and the unconscious, in broad