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Ericeira 2022


We are Tânia Falcão and Luís Avelar Lucas and we are a married couple from beautiful sunny Portugal.

We also work together as the multidisciplinary artists known as FalcaoLucas.

With over 20 years of experience working in areas such as illustration, design, animation, motion graphics, branding, augmented reality, music, sound design, web design and much more, we bring a unique blend of creativity, skill, and innovation to every project we take on.

FalcaoLucas About LiveGIF
Wrap up of Merc'Art 2019 at LX Factory
Tânia and Lucas sitting in a Macau restaurant
In Macau waiting for our 廣東雲吞麵 in 2003
Tânia looking directly at the camera while Lucas is looking away
Ericeira 2004
Tânia and Lucas sitting in a bar
In our favorite bar in Bairro Alto in 2006
foto falcaolucas
Ericeira 2018
Tânia looking at the camera and Lucas looking up
Turvos in 2019
Tânia and Lucas with double exposure
Frame from (M)Orpheu a college project from 2008

What's our story?*

* The sappy one. For our professional journey you’re better off checking our portfolio here🙂

It started 21 years ago, in a small bar in the picturesque coastal town of Ericeira, Portugal, where an unlikely duo met over tequila shots. Little did we know that this chance encounter would lead to a love story that still lasts.

After a few months of indecision, we decided to give dating a try, and we’ve been together ever since. Like, together together. Like, never been away from one another for more than 24 hours together. Or working together, living together, going out together, drinking together. You know, that type of together.

But we digress…

FalcaoLucas Mini 600x295 1
Looking at the sea in 2019

Our passion for art, music and graphic design brought us together, as we both pursued degrees in the field – her at the University of Fine Arts of Lisbon, and him at IADE. We worked in advertising for several years, but in 2012, we decided to create our own project. With the arrival of our second child, we knew we needed more flexibility and time to spend with our kids, so we decided to start our own venture.

Five years later, we left our home in Lisbon and moved back to Ericeira, the place where we first met, and we’ve never looked back.

FalcaoLucas About Jackie
Our overexcited Chewbacca
Tânia and Lucas sitting in front of a house with a tree and a motorcycle
The bougainvillea in front of our house

Now, we’re a family of five with two beautiful kids and an overexcited dog that looks like Chewbacca. We also have a bougainvillea in front of our house that we planted ourselves and is now the size of the whole house. We love to spend our free time riding our Scrambler and making music together. We even formed a band, called Turvos, where we create all the music for our projects.

We’ve come full circle and our love for each other and our passion for art and music continues to flourish.

Thank you for being a part of it!

Tânia and Lucas

FalcaoLucas About Orientre
Being Interviewed in 2018
dn news falcaolucas
Article in DN in 2015
visao animados gif feat
Article in Visão in 2016
falcaolucas dn capa
On the cover of DN in 2017
Tânia and Lucas in front of paintings talking to a reporter
Being interviewed for SIC Notícias in 2018
Lucas and Tânia sitting on sofas in a TV studio
In a TV show talking about our art in 2019
FalcaoLucas About OEriceira
An article in O Ericeira in 2021

about us

by Mini Portugal

In 2019 we were asked by Merc’Art and Mini Portugal to be the first artists to take part of a series of small documentaries about a day in the life of Portuguese artists.

This was the result where you can get to know a bit more about our everyday life.

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our highlights

// articles + interviews + featured in

  • Invited judges for the Mostra Nacional de Jovens Criadores in the digital art category (sep 2023)
  • Invited judges for the Mostra Nacional de Jovens Criadores in the digital art category (sep 2022)
  • “Conversas Centrais” by Gerador (april 2020)
  • “FalcaoLucas in a nutshell” by Merc’art (april 2020)
  • Merc’art podcast (may 2019)
  • Interview in the Portuguese TV program “É a vida Alvim” in Canal Q (may 2019)
  • Interview in SIC Notícias – Portuguese tv station (sep 2018)
  • Article in revista Visão – Portuguese magazine (sep 2017)
  • Article in público – P3 – Portuguese newspaper (sep 2017)
  • Article in Diário de Notícias – Portuguese newspaper (sep 2017)
  • Article in revista Visão – Portuguese magazine (feb 2016)
  • “Ontem” music video selected as staff pick by Vimeo (dec 2015)
  • Interview in Tumblr equipa portugal (mar 2015)
  • Article in Diário de Notícias – Portuguese newspaper (feb 2015)
  • Love” gif was selected as “one of the 12 best art gifs of 2014” by Huffington Post (dec 2014)
  • Tumblr selected “Love” for year in review 2014 in art gif category (dec 2014)
  • Interview to Neonmob about exclusive gif collection (nov 2014)
  • featured article in so bad so good (out 2014)
  • Article in Cross Connect mag (sep 2014)
  • “Halfs” gif featured in the Gifs Go Wild video (aug 2014)
  • Article in Juxtapoz magazine (jul 2014)
  • Interview to Threadless about the challenge winner design (jun 2014)
  • Spotlight and interview at Giphy (apr 2014)
  • First Portuguese artists in the gif artist world map (apr 2014)
  • Feature article in Inprint magazine (jan 2014)

// festivals + exhibitions + contests

  • “Catarse” selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2023)
  • “Catarse” showcased at MoCA L.I.ghts – Pachogue (Sep 2023)
  • Exhibitions and magazine article at FoME (2023)
  • Collective exhibition “As coordenadas líricas” at APAIXON’ARTE (May 2022)
  • Solo exhibition “Daydream” at APAIXON’ARTE (Dec 2021)
  • “timeFragementB” selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2021)
  •  “Iris II”, “Slumber“ and “Waterbound“selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2020) 
  • Exhibition at MERC’ART (Oct 2019)
  • “Daydream” & “IANVS” selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2019)
  • “IANVS IV” and “IANVS I” selected for Merc’art 2018 (Nov 2018)
  • “…” selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2018)
  • “Solitude” selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2017)
  • “Ontem” selected for GIRONA FILM FESTIVAL (Sep 2016)
  • “Yesterday” and “Introspection” selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2016)
  • “Ontem” selected for LISBON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Jun 2016)
  • “Ontem” selected for TRÉS COURT FESTIVAL (Apr 2016)
  • “Break Up” GIF selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE International Animation Film Festival (Sep 2015)
  • “Break Up” Art Piece on the group show “Carbon” at SALLY CENTIGRADE art gallery (Set 2015)