Artwork collection with augmented reality

Collection of three digital artworks with augmented reality about Eternity in a small fragment of Time.

The “timeFragments” collection of artworks encourages us to reflect on the nature of time and the ways in which we experience it. The artworks, through the use of a central figure and abstract geometry, present the idea that eternity can be found in even the smallest moments of our lives. By exploring this idea, the collection invites us to question the way we think about time and to reflect on the impact that our experiences have on our lives.

In addition to their visual beauty, the artworks in this collection also incorporate augmented reality with looping animations. This dynamic element of the artworks further emphasizes the idea of time as a fluid and constantly changing concept. The looping animations create a sense of continuity and suggest that time is always moving forward, even as our experiences change and evolve.

artwork with augmented reality

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Lost in eternity while being consumed by the infinite and losing oneself in a state of being that is beyond human comprehension.

A experience that can be both alluring and terrifying.

Fine art print
Fine art print


The behemoths fly by evoking a sense of mystery, wonder and awe.

They’re on a journey to the unknown trying to escape what was. They symbolize the weight of the past and tradition, something most difficult to escape.


A representation of life, with its many twists and turns, and its endless cycles of change and repetition symbolizing the challenges and obstacles we face, as well as our ability to navigate them and adapt to the ever-changing nature of life.

Fine art print

Prosthetic Reality

World’s First NFT AR Art Book

timeFragmentA was part of the Prosthetic Reality Volume 2, a book that brings together over 60 Artists, Animators and SoundDesigners from around the planet to showcase Augmented Reality NFT Art.

It’s the first book of its kind to combine AR, the blockchain and traditional art.

You can find more here.

FalcaoLucas ProstheticRealityV2
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This artworks has a collection of signed editions of fine art prints with augmented reality​

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