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The collection of “Art GIFs” created for the launch of Maroon 5’s album “Red Pill Blues” showcases the unique and creative potential of digital art.

The two animations, “What Lovers Do” and “Love Me or Not,” were specifically created for the single “What Lovers Do” and serve as a visual representation of the song’s themes and messages.

The project was a collaboration between the band and Giphy, an online platform for sharing GIFs and short videos. Giphy enlisted the help of 9 different artists, each with their own unique style and vision, to create artwork for each song on the album. The result is a diverse collection of animations that effectively capture the essence of each track.
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What lovers do
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Love me or not

What Lovers do

Initially, we were only asked to create one animation for the single “What Lovers Do” but were asked to delivered two proposals.

Both proposals were well-received by the band, leading to the inclusion of both animations in the final collection.

It was also a valuable opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities and work with a renowned band like Maroon 5.

The collection of Art GIFs created for the launch of Maroon 5’s album “Red Pill Blues” is a perfect example of the power of collaboration and creativity.

The diverse range of styles and perspectives brought by the 9 artists, combined with the band’s own vision, resulted in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant collection of animations that perfectly complement the album’s themes and messages.

It’s an exciting time for digital art as it continues to evolve and be recognized as a valid form of expression.



Later on, as the project progressed, we were given the opportunity to create another animation for the song “Whiskey.”

This was a great chance for us to flex our creative muscles again and come up with something unique and fitting for the song.

The final result was another success, adding to the overall impact of the collection of Art GIFs as a whole.

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