Animated short film

“Pandemons” is a short film about the virus that swept the world and the social isolation that kept us apart.

About how much this situation left everyone stranded on their own little islands and how fear and insecurity made us scream inside.

It’s about screaming with our mouths closed, a primal scream straight from the heart that only comes when we’re so scared we even fear to show it.

Music -Boca Molhada by Tony de Matos
Remix, Art and Animation by FalcaoLucas
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Still Frames

the music

To create the music for Pandemons we used samples from the music Boca Molhada (Wet Mouth) by the great, late Portuguese singer Tony de Matos, and took several elements from the song and loaded it to our OP-1 by Teenage Engineering and used it to create a totally different song. Boca Seca (Dry Mouth)

Below is a video showing most of the process used to make the song.

Render Passes

3D Art, Animation, Illustration, Music