ontem (yesterday)

Animated short film

It began at first as a music video for the music Ontem (Yesterday) by our music band Turvos but it ended up morphing into something else entirely. Something with a deeper meaning.

It became a surreal short film about a journey through introspection.
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the Concept behind Ontem

A journey through introspection involving looking at past experiences, exploring beliefs and emotions, and considering one’s values and goals.

It begins with the birth of an introspective thought and its visual journey and transformation, representing the process of looking inward and gaining new understandings and insights.

It also shows the introspection process as a seemly endless building and then as a city until we reach the deep inside, representing the idea that introspection is a continuous process that leads to personal growth and change, and the individual is never done growing and evolving.

the Music

Ontem is the second song from Turvos’ second album Humores and it’s an instrumental mixture of electronic and black metal guitars. It was recorded on our Lisbon home studio in January 2015.

Still frames

CGI Breakdown and render passes


We are honored to have our work recognized by these festivals and to have had the opportunity to showcase our films to audiences from around the globe.

Vimeo Staff Pick

FalcaoLucas vimeo staff pick

“Ontem” was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick.

très court festival

FalcaoLucas tres court festival feat

“Ontem” was one of the movies selected for the 18th edition of the international movie festival Très Court.

The major program of the festival is the international competition. Fifty films of less than 3 minutes (excluding title and credits) representing the best and especially the shorter of the global audiovisual production year are presented each year.

Festival de Girona

FalcaoLucas girona film festival feat

It was selected for the 28 Girona Film Festival on the “Experimental” category.

Lisbon International Film Festival

FalcaoLucas lisbon film festival feat

“Ontem” was selected to the Lisbon International Film Festival.

The Lisbon International Film Festival is a quarterly online film festival meant to showcase innovative independent cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

Bang Awards

FalcaoLucas bang awards feat

“Ontem” was selected to the 3rd edition of Bang Awards Festival.

The 3rd edition of the BANG Awards – International Animated Film Festival, had “Human Nature” as its inspirational theme.

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