Artwork with augmented reality

“Kore” is an augmented reality artwork that explores the duality of the goddess of spring growth and queen of the underworld.

She is both powerful and fragile, with lines drawn on her face resembling a skull, representing death and the underworld. The white hair symbolizes the passage of time and the crown made of outlines represents her sovereignty over the land of the dead. The golden circle in the background represents the eternal cycle of life and death, with the goddess at the center, connecting the two realms.

The artwork captures the complexity of the goddess and the themes of death, rebirth, and the cycle of the seasons. It invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty and majesty of the goddess while also reflecting on the inevitability of death and the possibility of rebirth.

The augmented reality animation can be seen using Artivive app.

This artwork is available in our shop as an open signed collection of fine art prints with gold leaf applied.

artwork with augmented reality

Download and install the app ARTIVIVE and point your phone at the image.

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