Animated Art gif collection

In 2014 we created a collection of animated GIFs for Kit Kat to share on their new social media pages.

Kit Kat approached Giphy for help in creating new content to share on their social media accounts. Giphy, in turn, enlisted our services to create a series of animated GIFs for Kit Kat’s promotional use.

Kit Kat was already familiar with our work and requested our creative spin on the project. They specifically asked us to create four unique GIFs with the concept of “Have a break” in mind, which was a crucial element of their marketing strategy.
FalcaoLucas KITKAT Burst
FalcaoLucas KITKAT Forge
FalcaoLucas KITKAT Infinity
FalcaoLucas KITKAT Pulse

We were excited to work on this project and were determined to deliver high-quality GIFs that would resonate with Kit Kat’s target audience. After brainstorming ideas, we began working on the project, taking into account the specific requirements and guidelines provided by Kit Kat.

We put our creative skills to work, experimenting with different visual elements and animation techniques to bring the GIFs to life. We paid close attention to the messaging and tagline of “Have a break,” ensuring that our final products captured the essence of Kit Kat’s brand and resonated with their audience.

Throughout the creative process, we collaborated with Giphy to refine our ideas and ensure that we were meeting Kit Kat’s expectations. Our efforts paid off, as the final GIFs were well-received and effectively promoted Kit Kat’s image online.
Working on this project was an exciting and fulfilling experience for us. We were proud to contribute to Kit Kat’s marketing efforts and deliver visually appealing content that helped them achieve their goals.

The one that didn't made the cut

As a bonus here’s the only GIF that Kit Kat fell it had little to do with their positioning and as such it didn’t made the cut.

FalcaoLucas KITKAT TheJungle
The Jungle