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Identity design and animated title sequence

InPertinente is a brand made for Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos as a way to look at global issues in an irreverent and insightful way. It is composed of an online video show (now defunct) and a podcast.

The online video show was a thought-provoking and informative program that delved into current global issues through in-depth interviews with a diverse group of international experts. The show’s unique format with Pedro Pinto as an engaging host provided viewers with a deeper understanding of the complex international topics that affect us all.

The podcast has a different concept where a person from a specific field of expertise is teamed with a comic giving two completely different sides.
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identity design

The concept behind the name “In Pertinent” is rooted in the idea of being “inside” or “enclosed” in the world of global issues, as well as the idea of being “pertinent” or relevant to current events. The play on the word “impertinent” adds a sense of irreverence and a fresh perspective to the subject matter.

It suggests that the show and podcast approach global issues in a new and unconventional way, while still being relevant and informative.

The TV show logo for “In Pertinent” features the word “In” enclosed in apostrophes, with the word “pertinent” written below it.

The apostrophes are meant to symbolize the idea of a conversation or dialogue, as well as emphasizing the show’s focus on global issues. The word “pertinent” is written in a modern font, emphasizing the show’s relevance and timeliness.

For the podcast logo, we have the letters “IN” inside a pair of stylized headphones symbolizing the audio-only format of the podcast with a more personal and intimate approach.

The overall design is simple, yet impactful, making it easy to recognize and remember.

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video interviews logo
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campaign design

We used an artistic illustration and animation of abstract architectural elements passing by in front of a starry night sky as the opening for the show and as the main element in all designs to convey the idea of progress, growth, and development.

The abstract architectural elements represent the building blocks of progress and growth, while the starry night sky represents the infinite possibilities and the vastness of the world.

The animation of the elements passing by in front of the starry night sky creates a sense of movement, change and evolution. It suggests that the show will be about exploring and understanding the world, and the many different ways in which it is constantly changing and developing.

The animation also creates an immersive and engaging experience, which can be used to introduce the show and set the tone for the content.

Using this concept throughout all designs, whether it’s on the website, social media, or other marketing materials, creates a consistent visual identity for the show, and reinforces the idea of progress, growth and development.

The abstract architectural elements can be used in different ways creating a cohesive and memorable visual identity for the brand.

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