Animated Art gif collection

“Empire” is an animated artworks collection featuring the Lyon family from the hit TV show of the same name. Commissioned by FOX and Giphy, this collection was first created in honor of the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, with a special GIF of Taraji P. Henson as the iconic character Cookie Lyon.

As the project progressed, we were then asked to create GIFs for the entire Lyon family, bringing to life all of the show’s beloved characters in a unique and dynamic way. Each artwork captures the essence of the characters, and the animation adds an extra layer of depth and movement to the pieces.

The “Empire” collection is a must-see for fans of the show and animation enthusiasts alike. It showcases our ability to breathe new life into beloved characters and create visually striking works of art. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work on this project and excited for audiences to experience it.


Our idea behind the first GIF was to represent Taraji P. Henson’s character Cookie in the show Empire as a somewhat feisty saint.

Someone who’s a martyr/mother who comes to rescue her family from themselves but also someone who throws her sainthood out the window if you step on her toes.

Being this a show about a record company we chose to represent her defiance through  the iconic symbol of the golden record positioned behind her as if it was an halo that suddenly breaks when she is provoked.

Afterwards we took the same idea and drew and animated the rest of the family in the same style to create a cohesive collection.

Cookie empire falcaolucas
Cookie Lyon
Lucious Empire falcaolucas
Luscious Lyon
andre empire falcaolucas
Andre Lyon
yazz empire falcaolucas
Jazz Lyon
Jamal Empire falcaolucas
Jamal Lyon
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