Artwork collection with augmented reality

Solo exhibition at Apaixonarte gallery.

A journey between reality and dream. The constant crossing of an invisible barrier between reality and the unconscious, in broad daylight.

This exhibition takes us to another dimension, that of dreams, through augmented reality. Keeping our feet on the ground, the exposed pieces are no longer static, but gain life and sound, until they completely absorb the spectator.

The characters guide us through mesmerizing paths. Across the infinite void of a galaxy or a limitless landscape of skyscrapers in futuristic cities. We let ourselves be carried away and enter the paintings, on an endless journey, which we do not want to leave.

artwork with augmented reality

Download and install the app ARTIVIVE and point your phone at the image.


As they become lost in their imagination the daydreamer creates a mental scenario of a different universe. They are completely absorbed into this alternate reality and have many difficulties returning to their everyday life interfering with their daily functioning.

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FalcaoLucas Daydream Daydreamer
FalcaoLucas Daydream Dreamwalker


The one who enters and interacts with the dreams of others with the purpose of influencing or manipulating or gathering information of the dreamer’s thoughts and actions for their own dreams and desires.

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“Oneironaut” comes from the Greek words “oneiro,” meaning dream, and “nautes,” meaning sailor.

They are the explorers and conquerors. The ones who intentionally enter and explore their own dreams manipulating the dream environment and changing their outcome.

They are the Fates.

FalcaoLucas Daydream Oneironaut1
FalcaoLucas Daydream Oneironaut2
FalcaoLucas Daydream Oneironaut3
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R.E.M. (Recalling Every Memory)

Recalling every memory it’s not possible as the brain is not capable of remembering every single experience as memories fade over time or become inaccessible due to factors such as trauma or disease.

But their memories are not limited by time and it is possible for them to access it from any point in the past.

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Music Creation

Here’s a small example of how the music for R.E.M. (Recalling Every Memory) was made.

This was the gear used by order that appears on the video: Tascam Model 12 to record, Electron Digitakt as the sequencer , Arturia Drumbrute as a drum machine, ASM Hydrasynth as the first synth lead, Arturia Microfreak as the second and lastly our ESP LTD EC-1000 guitar with a lot of pedals not shown.

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Exhibition photos

The individual exhibition, DAYDREAM by FalcaoLucas, opened  on December 10, 2021 in Apaixonarte and remained open until January 14. The admission was free.

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