C10H8 & C10H180

Artwork collection with augmented reality

Art collection of two original artworks with augmented reality and a set of prints created for Merc’art’s 2019 Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal.

Both artworks were printed in fine art paper and both have 22k gold leaf applied to them besides using a cutout technique to create different layers and textures. They also have augmented reality using the Artivive app.

The originals were both sold on the first weekend of being shown to the public and the prints were sold soon after.

artwork with augmented reality

Download and install the app ARTIVIVE and point your phone at the image.

FalcaLucas C10H8 Frames

C10H8 & C10H180

C10H8 and C10H18O are artworks that explores the themes of beauty, decay, the passage of time and the relationship between the individual and the collective. These two works are a visual representation of the fleeting nature of existence.

On C10H8 the central figure, a woman, stands in front of an abstract architectural background, symbolizing the constant evolution and impermanence of structures and societies. The rose, placed in front of her genitals, represents the beauty and fragility of life. The skull floating on her hands serves as a reminder of the inevitability of death, while the moths and the skull holes in gold emphasize the concept of decay and the cycle of life and death.

On C10H18O the central figure, a woman’s head, is depicted looking down and is mirrored, creating a sense of duality and multiple perspectives. The closed eyes suggest introspection and self-reflection, and the multiple features represent the different facets of the self, and how we perceive ourselves in relation to the world. The floating head, also symbolizes the search for self-discovery and identity within the context of the collective. The rose and the architectural abstract background behind her, symbolize the struggle of the individual to find beauty and meaning in a chaotic and ever-changing world. The golden moth in front of the woman’s forehead represents the fleeting nature of existence, and the pyramid floating over her head alludes to the idea of power and hierarchy within the collective.

FalcaLucas C10H8
FalcaLucas C10H18O

The use of Augmented reality

We as a project dwell mostly in the animated digital world and we wanted to bring it to the real one with us so we used Augmented Reality in our art, as it allowed us to bridge the gap and transcend the boundaries of traditional and digital art forms, blending past and future, tradition and innovation.
Peering into an animated world through a motionless window is the perfect metaphor for the experience of viewing an augmented reality (AR) artwork. The window represents the physical artwork that the viewer uses as a trigger to access the AR experience, while the animated world represents the digital content that is overlaid onto the real world.
In this metaphor, the motionless window serves as a gateway to a new and exciting world, allowing the viewer to see and interact with the artwork in a way that is not possible with traditional art forms. The animation creates a sense of movement and dynamism, while the physical artwork provides a sense of stability and grounding, allowing the viewer to experience the artwork in a stable and controlled environment.
We made use of the Artivive App, an augmented reality (AR) app that is widely used in the digital art world. The app allows us to create AR experiences that can be accessed through most smartphones or tablets.

artivive symbol

work in progress of C10h8 and c10h18o

Merc'Art 2019

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The concept was born in 2016 and it was open until 2020 by the hand of Alexandra Quadros and was based in LX Factory in Lisbon.

It was called Merc’Art and it was a way to make art more accessible, so that everyone could be in contact with the beauty and happiness that comes from art.
It allowed privileged access, not only to pieces by up-and-coming artists, who showed their work for the first time, but also to originals by several renowned artists.

It was our second time exhibiting art in Merc’Art with 2 original artworks and a limited edition of 15 signed prints.

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