as mãos

Artwork with augmented reality

As Mãos (The Hands) is a remake of an artwork we did in 2004 and it’s a digital artwork with augmented reality about the human potential to create. It depicts a cross of five hands protruding from an exposed rib cage and are positioned in such a way as to suggest the power of creation that lies within us.

It has augmented reality to add another layer of meaning, suggesting the power of creation not being limited to the physical world but extending into the digital realm as well. The digital medium also adds a sense of timelessness to the artwork, underscoring the idea that the power to create is not limited by time or place.

artwork with augmented reality

Download and install the app ARTIVIVE and point your phone at the image.

FalcaoLucas AsMaos


The top hand points towards the sky, symbolizing our reach for the infinite and the limitless potential that we possess. The two hands that make fists suggest the determination and strength that are necessary to bring our visions to life. The last two hands cradling a skull represent the delicate balance between our ideas and the reality of the world, reminding us that every creation must also eventually come to an end.

FalcaoLucas AsMaosPrint

Below is our original 2004 artwork.

FalcaoLucas AsMaos2004
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